[V8] What Car Next

Paul Jager pjager at telus.net
Tue Mar 3 13:57:24 PST 2009

RE: A8 not sure if the S8 is any better. Check out carsurvey.org or
epinions.com . My brother has a 2001 A8L. List of problems with the car -
transmission $6.5K, electrical issues, window failure, control arms/front
suspension if not the steering rack. Sweet driving car just expect to have
these sorts of issues. I like Audi/Vdub (5000, Jetta, V8, GTI owner) but am
staying away for good now.

The shop we work with has a former factory Audi tech and he's not
recommending anything late model from VAG. we were discussing oil leaks, the
fact policy on new car oil leaks for warranty repair, putting diapers on the
engine tray. something to the effect that it has to fill the diaper and leak
a X amount past it before they will warranty it. Also the failures with the
GTI, how horrid those new Beetles are, late 90's Passat - a complete and
utter disaster.. all adds up to... don't touch this.


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