[V8] Cheap tranny fix....well kinda

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Mar 4 22:07:34 PST 2009

Hey, additional trans coolers?.....not sure I was aware of  
that.....does that make the total fluid greater?....Like I said, I  
emptied the pan when I got it(was quite low as I recall)...I've done  
the whole flush/filter/etc on the '90, and as I recall, it took  
around 10 quarts(which some of which blew out on me @ 8000 ft going  
up to Snowbird).....will never again fill the motor/tranny to "full"  
as it definatly does expand.  Is there more to the tranny cooler than  
in the '90?  Inform me...awsome....I'm thinking it's a leaker 
(hopefull).....I'm going to get the beast up on a lift tomorrow/ASAP,  
so there's no guessing.....Bummer is that I filled the whole  
hydraulic system with mobil 1 atf(tranny already had it), and the rack 
(only) is hemmoraging.....the pump(out of one of Ron's "mint" cars is  
flawless, most of the line's had been rebuilt previous(with the HI  
pressure one even having a stainless braid on it), but I have been  
seeing "red" all over....assumed that it was from the  
hydraulics.....Not sure if everyone remember's this, but it was Ned  
Ritchie's wife's car(Intended Acceleration), and he told me that the  
front main seal came out on the highway, and it blew a lot of oil  
quick(she pulled over immediatly and saved the vehicle).....That/ 
timing belt/ebrake cable/bushings had been done prior to him"selling"  
it to his Nephew, who sadly(except for me), had no clue, and trashed  
the car. I'll report back as soon as I've found the leak....Thanks to  
all...Sincerely Tom

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