[V8] No Dipsticks

joel driver suprasman01 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 6 08:44:41 PST 2009

So, does anyone have any idea where "Full" is under the proper conditions, from the top of the tube? Audi wants like 60 USD for a dipstick. The way I see it you can buy, or borrow one from another vehicle providing it is the long enough to make it past the "Full" length. Since it is not a daily check for most, if some one put the measurement out there it could save thousands in members pockets to not need to order the replacement. 


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> The justification for not including a dipstick was to
> prevent overfilling
> the transmission by a monkey lad or owner who would check
> the fluid level
> under other than the specified conditions and think that
> fluid needed to be
> added ...
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
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> This car has a tube with a cap, but no stick.  What's
> the deal with that??
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