[V8] A question for the smartest of the gurus out there...

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 6 23:44:12 PST 2009

I'll second this. I've put the back together, and done a nice job of taping 
everything up. Then, torque it to the spec (this is one of three things I 
use the torque wrench on-very important) and see if you get any codes. If 
the sensor ohms out, and the torque is in spec, I don't see why you would 
have any issues with it. But, if you want a new one "just because", I can 
completely understand that as well.


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Subject: Re: [V8] A question for the smartest of the gurus out there...

> .... were you getting knock sensor codes?  I probably would have left the
> part in place ... messing with the wiring might cause failure if the guts
> are brittle.  If it were just the wiring I'd say measure the resistance 
> per
> the manual and as long as the readings were in spec you would be OK taking
> the chance.  The broken housing on the sensor itself is a bit troubling. 
> If
> you were getting codes I'd say you should replace it ... if not, put it 
> back
> together as carefully as you can and hope for the best!  There are 
> specific
> torque specs on the bolt that attaches the sensor to the block.

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