[V8] non-ABS conversion?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 11 05:57:41 PDT 2009

First off, I'd be checking the sensors and whatnot. If something is awry in the system, it will not allow you to turn it on.

Some problems in the system will not allow you to turn it on at all, and others will turn the system on till the car moves, then turn it back off.

You can also ohm out the switch to see if it's good, before replacing. Then again, parts like that are laying around these days, since they rarely fail.......

BTW, I prefer not to have ABS most of the time as well. However, like Scott J said, on the V8 you have the option of turning it off. I coule see removing it ona newer car, such as an A4/6/8 which has no button (Ignoring the electronics problems involved for now). But, I've kept it on my V8, and just hit the switch when not needed.

Also, the master goes in the car on the 5-speeds, and the slave is right on top in the center of the trans. So, no real space advantage there.


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>Subject: Re: [V8] non-ABS conversion?
>In any case, after hearing the responses I'm convinced it's a much better
>idea to leave it functioning in the Audi and I'm now even thinking I might
>try to find a working switch so I can turn the ABS back on.

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