[V8] Anyone used a "Forecast" Reference sensor?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 11 06:53:32 PDT 2009

Still $100 on Rockauto.com
Look up 1988 5000 CS Quattro, crankshaft position sensor.


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Subject: [V8] Anyone used a "Forecast" Reference sensor?

> Hey, getting all the stuff in place to do the timing belt on the blue
> car(1 year+).......My parts guy/many others show some aftermarket
> sensor called "Forecast".....hate to do it, but just checking if
> anyone's used these..........Parts prices for  even 5000 TQ
> (compatible) seemed to me to have climbed(can find similar price for
> v8 -$120)......"Forecast" seems to be 1/2 price.....For a part with a
> huge known failure rate.....? just wondering if anyone's bought
> these..Tom
> r
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