[V8] The first trip

Andy Schor walbum at realalbumart.com
Sat Mar 14 08:42:15 PDT 2009

In preparation for a cross country flight a few years ago (for the Monterey 
Historics), I bought a (non-ipod) MP3 player.  As it turns out, the 
Blaupunkt head unit in my Audi has an 'aux' input, so I acquired the 
appropriate connector and can now play the MP3 through the system.  I 
discovered that the MP3s sound noticeably better than the actual CDs from 
which they are sourced!  It's easy enough to 'rip' your CDs into your 
computer, then 'sync' them onto a player which can also be played through 
the stock cassette head unit via aforementioned adapter.  You can select 
your favorite songs from a variety of discs, no need to schlep CDs or 
cassettes at all.


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> Ah, Crutchfield.  Never thought about looking at their website, although a
> long time ago I bought a radio from them for my new Scirrocco, I think it
> was.
> And senile though I am becoming, I actually own a Walkman that I used in 
> one
> of the cars with the cassette connector which the car radio promptly
> swallowed and wouldn't give back without a lot of yelling and screaming.
> I think I'll try the FM modulator and see how that works.  Pretty cheap
> solution, and thanks to you Kent, and to everyone else on the list for 
> being
> a great support group for those of us who are afflicted with V8itis.
> Roger
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>> Roger Woodbury wrote:
>>> Now, I am just wondering if anyone has used a Walkman with one of these
>>> radios,
>> I'm no audiophile, but I can think of 2 options.
>> First is a tape cassette adapter that plugs into the earphone jack of
>> your Walkman. The cassette goes in the tape part of the radio.
>> A second option would be one of the FM transmitter things, which
>> plays through an unused station.
>> More options here:
>> <http://www.crutchfield.com/Learn/learningcenter/car/oem/connections_sound_quality.html>
>> -- 
>> Kent

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