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Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 14 09:55:48 PDT 2009

Roger, I have a factory 10 disc CD player, magazine, Silver box, radio with code & all wiring to make it work.... everything came from a 93 V8 I parted.

 Not as cheap as a few options that other listers mentioned..... but thought you "might" be interested.
$300 shipped.


--- On Sat, 3/14/09, Roger Woodbury <rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com> wrote:

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> Subject: [V8] The first trip
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> Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009, 8:43 AM
> Monday we left in the morning for the first long trip in the
> V8 since it arrived here last May.  This wasn't really a
> pleasure trip as the "mission" was to be in
> Aberdeen, Maryland on Wednesday at oh-dark-thirty to see my
> wife's grandson graduate from advanced infantry
> training.
> It's around 850 miles from here to Aberdeen, and that
> is normally within our one day range of travel, but we
> couldn't leave until just before noon, so we planned an
> overnight on the way.  Naturally it being March, not far
> into the trip it started to snow instead of the rain showers
> predicted.  Quattro minded a whole lot less than I did...I
> have gotten to the point in my life that I am simply not
> crazy about driving on the Interstate in a snowstorm. 
> Anyway, the trip down was benign and we spent the night just
> over the line into Pennsylvania.
> Graduation over, we dropped the young private off at
> Baltimore-Washington Airport for his flight to see his
> girlfriend en route to Korea.  We headed back.
> Wonderful trip.  We avoided the mess around NY City
> entirely by going through Danbury, and then on day #2,
> moseying down the Delaware Water Gap on a secondary road. 
> Pretty country that I haven't explored before, and we
> did it slightly differently on the way back, too.  
> The V8 was simply outstanding.  It is hard to believe that
> this is twenty-year old automotive technology.  A year ago
> we made a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, from there to
> Chesapeake, Virginia, and then up the eastern seaboard back
> to Maine.  For that trip I rented a new Ford Fusion.  The
> Ford Fusion was a suprisingly nice highway car.  But
> comparatively, the V8 is in a different universe.  
> My overall average speed (according to the computer) was
> around 55 miles per hour.  Naturally, if that is the
> average, much of the time was spent well above anyone's
> idea of a legal limit.  I didn't hurry.  I merely tried
> to stay with, or perhaps just a tad ahead of most of the
> surrounding traffic.  At one point I needed to get ahead of
> a bunch of trucks and a few slower cars that concerned me. 
> I was afraid that someone in the right lane was going to
> make a sudden move left, and I wanted to be gone from there
> before that happened, I am sure you know what I mean. 
> Anyway, I let it out just a bit, pulled about one half mile
> ahead and then back into the center lane, dropping the speed
> back to around 70.  
> Very casually, my wife said, "did you hit a
> hundred?"
> "No," I said.  "Just barely ninety.  I
> really wasn't trying."
> "Yes," she said.  "Neither was the car. 
> It's amazing that this car is twenty years old." 
> And for my wife to be THAT relaxed, says something about the
> V8!
> We averaged around 21 miles per gallon.  Once out of New
> England using gasoline that did not contain corn syrup, fuel
> mileage jumps about three to four miles per gallon, but the
> ethanol stuff that we get in Maine, costs me at least three
> miles per gallon.  I am experimenting with high test and
> will experiment with octane boosters, but clearly the V8
> doesn't like ethanol.  
> Now, a question for the "brain trust".  My car
> has no CD player.  It is a Bose, naturally, and the dealer
> that I bought the car from had all the amplifiers
> overhauled.  The Bose system actually works pretty well.  My
> wife likes music while traveling a whole lot more than I do,
> since I prefer the sound of the engine.  But there are many
> areas where there is no radio worth listening to (for us),
> and she has requested that we do something about a CD player
> before we take many more trips like this one.  
> Now, I am just wondering if anyone has used a Walkman with
> one of these radios, or if I am going to have to plan to
> yank out the whole system and install a new CD player. 
> Then, after that, I am wondering if there is any such thing
> as a car audio cd receiver on the market that doesn't
> look like a juke box from a cheap New Orleans whore house?  
> So the V8 is a winner, although I know that I am preaching
> to the choir.  This car will be around for quite a while,
> because there simply is nothing that I would replace it with
> that offers what it does.   
> I didn't see another V8 over the entire 2000 miles, and
> for that matter, didn't see much of anything that was
> really interesting automotive wise.  Man!  There are an
> awrful lot of fugly SUV-things on the road!
> Roger 
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