[V8] The first trip

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Sat Mar 14 10:36:56 PDT 2009

Hey Roger, I've also been thinking about the CD player....I noticed  
that www.audipartssuperstore.com, and www.vwvortex.com(guys with the  
refurbished $25 stereos), also have refurbished 6 disk changers for  
$75.  I was thinking about it for my blue car as the pearl car has a  
cd unit in the trunk, but is missing the cassette part.  My question,  
if anyone knows the answer...Is there a cd connection cable buried  
somewhere in the trunk, or was that something that would have been an  
added option?  Hate the thought of pulling the cable out of the pearl  
car, and trying to snake it up to the stereo.  For what it's worth,  
my fm transmitter for the Ipod worked perfect when living out in the  
boonies, but there's hardly any unused frequencies around the larger  
cities and you constantly have to change the channels looking for a  
clear signal.  I always use it on a roadtrip though and sounds  
great.  I'm guessing it could work fine up where you live...Glad to  
hear the car's a "winner"...sincerely Tom

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