[V8] Average MPG

Mark Kalbskopf gbmarc at cox.net
Sat Mar 14 11:36:51 PDT 2009

Roger's little story and his average mpg of 21 lets me bring up my  
experiment on Friday.

At lunchtime I was going out from the office for a pick-up soccer game.
Before I left, I reset the car's Average MPG.
Then I drove about 10 miles there and 10 miles back.
I took it easy with no sudden acceleration, trying to get good mileage.
The road was mostly flat cruising at 60mph and taking in about 5 or 6  
stop lights.
I pulled back into the parking garage with the computer showing an  
average 20.1mpg.
Now I know this is optimistic as past experience shows me that the  
computer reads about +1 so the true value is 19ish.

How does that compare with the other V8's out there?
Anybody care to do a similar sample run?


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