[V8] V8 dash pad, eastern PA?

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 15 10:02:06 PDT 2009

Shawn is grabbing my tornado red 90 V8q next week for a song (with 
Boleros and the promise not to sell them). I've been fixing issues 
getting it ready to go. However, the dash pad cover has unglued itself 
on the bar under the instrument cluster, and in front of the defroster. 
No amount of various glues want to play nice.
If anyone is in that area that has a pad they are willing to part with, 
let me know. Otherwise he'll have a road trip to see Bruce (not that 
that's a bad thing).
He'll be selling it in a year or two - he gets to do the headliner. But 
it has euros, custom pusher fan add on (thermostatically controlled), 
clear corners, blacked out euro tails, smoked side markers, H&R/Bilstein 
Sports, sport seats and various/sundry new stuff that any 19 year old 
V8q goes through.

The pearl 5 speed is going down to Sebring next week. Shawn is going to 
show it off in the corral. I have too much on my plate to even consider it.

Dave Head
90 v8q lago (the hanger queen)
91 v8q 5 spd Nissan white/pearl (the Coleman car)

03 Cadillac Deville pearl E&G/Vogue (screams old fart)
04 Jetta TDI wagon tip (prepping for sale, 41 mpg, euro HID, FIS)
95 Foretravel U320C SE 40 (17 tons of mayhem waiting for an opportunity)

not forgotten:
79 5000S dakota beige - the one that started all this insanity
86 5000CSTQ - mahogany
89 200q - pearl
93 v8q ragussa (the Dr. Jones car)

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