[V8] V8 Parts - cleaning out my garage

TAS nap026 at cox.net
Fri Mar 20 18:59:29 PDT 2009

Gents, You and I have discussed/traded etc... Audi V8 stuff one way or 
another in the past year.  I'm cleaning my garage and getting rid of the 
parts I have laying around.  I want to offer them to you before I post to 
Audifans or ebay.  I plan to post them this Sunday.  Here's what I have:

    Valve Cover Gasket - new
    Axle Boot Repair Kit - new
    Mintex Brake Pads front and rear - new
    Two front rubber brake hoses - new
    Dash Bulb Kit 2.0 W (brighter) - new
    Two sets of Fog lights - non Audi - general use - new
    One set of Fog lights - non Audi - general use - used
    Audi/Bose Radio Head Unit with code - used
    Drive Side Front Window Regulator - used

Let me know if interested in all or a particular part and we can discuss 
price.  As far as the price goes, I'm not trying to get rich on them.  If I 
post on Audifans, the price will be more than what I ask from you.

Thanks, Todd 

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