[V8] pictures of 5-speed transmission needed

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sun May 17 11:00:36 PDT 2009

I'm still trying to get my back-up lights working on my V8.  I got around
to crawling under the V8 today, taking pictures in hopes of finding the
location of the back-up light switch. Even poking the camera into holes my
head couldn't get to, I came up with nothing.  So I'm looking for pictures
of a 200 (or V8) 5-speed manual transmission to help guide me.

 From the Family Album, Model A200, Yr 1991, Model Group MG 9, Subgroup SG 19,
Illustration 159-59, item(s) 6, (or V8:1990:9:19:159-25) it looks like the
switch (or switches; thanks Team Door Handle) are on the upper right side
or the tail.

Any pictures of the entire transmission with switch locations would be most
helpful.  Even if I have to slide a hand in to feel my way around, I'd like
to know where to start.


Kent McLean
1999 A4 Avant, V6 Tiptronic
1991 200 TQA #3, with mods
1990 V8 w/5-speed and other mods
gone: '91 200 TQA x2, '94 100 S Avant, '89 200 TQ "Bad Puppy"

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