[V8] [Bulk] New problem - v8 tb - Update

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 1 22:44:58 PST 2009

I found a brass nipple that had some threads on the tail end at a local
hardware store ... cleaned up the hole in the reservoir and threaded the new
part in.  I used epoxy to seal the threads and hold things together ...
worked OK ... probably would have worked better if I had a tap to create
some threads in the reservoir.  Eventually the extra stress on the already
brittle tank created leaks elsewhere.  IME the new tanks don't even last as
long as the original ... and we're talking OEM replacements ... 

Steve Buchholz

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How about a little chunk of that unatainable plastic barb on the  
radiator which connects to the return hose?...when I had mine out,  
the parts girl @dealer said it was unatainable, and that other's with  
older audis had them get brittle/break...

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