[V8] Phaeton anyone?

Brian K. Ullrich bullrich at ullrichsys.com
Mon Nov 2 06:22:01 PST 2009

I've driven one. The local Audi dealer had one and a buddy who was a service
advisor called me. I spent about 15 minutes behind the wheel of a 2004 that
had about 31K miles. It is surprisingly responsive. There is no doubt this
car is built of steel...it acts like the long, heavy car that it is, but
again is deceivingly nimble and sure-footed. The acceleration is smooth and
quite impressive. This car is tremendously refined and a complete joy to
drive. I had visions of flying on the A9 at 220/kmh past Nürnberg on the way
to München about 2 inches above the roadway.

It is an amazingly well-built automobile. The fit and finish are in line
with its original sales price; if this car had a star and laurel on its
hood, or perhaps "vier ringen", it would still be selling in the US, IMHO.

FYI...there are 5 W12's for sale on Autotrader. Most expensive is a 2006 for

Roger, thanks for reminding me of this car. I'm seriously considering
finding one.

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Roger Woodbury wrote:
> I wonder if any lister has had one, or even driven one.  Although I have
> looked, I have never seen one, not in anywhere in Maine that I have been,
> nor anywhere else on the road when I have traveled.  

If you want to look, try Googling Craigslist -- cut and paste the following
into a Google search box:

"vw phaeton" site:craigslist.org

Originally priced over $90K, they're around $20-25K now.

Kent McLean
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