[V8] Who's running S4/S6 sport seats?Have some questions/musings...

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 13:26:59 PST 2009

So, the V8 is under the knife right now, still doing some sound deadening,
re-dying the carpet, just finished all the a/b/c pillars sunroof and
headliner, S6 gauges, etc  and that leaves me with a very slight few things
left on my list, mainly the S6/S4 seats.

I was curious who's running a set?  As well, I was wondering if the rear
lower shelf is different between the three models, as mine needs
replacement.  I've been informed that the rear back seat shelf does not fit,
but if you could modify it to fit I'd like to know.

I'm not sure what to do precisely yet, that is, I have a very close to Ecru
upper interior, but the original grey interior from the door panels down.
The headliner, a/b/c/d pillars, and the rear shelf are all done in a suede
that is nearly the same color as Ecru, and a good bit lighter than Tav.

I was thinking that a two tone interior would be ok, but I don't know if I
want the Tan or Grey seats to compliment it.  Or, even just do a tav
interior swap (yea, that will happen!).  It seems that as well, the S4 seats
are called "platinum grey" and are a bit lighter than the V8 units, which
could cause problems.

Pictures are always nice, I'd like to see what we got going on here, thanks!


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