[V8] Repairing door wiring?

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Sat Nov 7 05:38:56 PST 2009

Take off the inner panel (window frame part), the outside kick panel in the
cabin and spend a day replacing all the wires in the doorjamb.  Once you
expose them better, you'll find more with cracked insulation and breaking
strands.  Get an assortment of comparable wire sizes and start replacing,
one at a time, from a few inches inside the door to a few inches inside the

I couldn't believe how many were breaking down when I replaced the wires in
my 200q20v sedan.

I found that putting the car on jackstands and sitting in the doorjamb on a
cushion with my legs extended under the car was the most comfortable
position for me.  Next time, I'll use the hoist I acquired subsequently to
the rewiring. 

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Subject: [V8] Repairing door wiring?

So, I have finally found a couple buggy wires in my Drivers door that could
have been causing some of my window issues, one of them is a brown w/white
stripe wire, the other is solid brown..

But, either way, they are both cut but not through, just the shielding, and
I need to repair them.  Curious how people go about this?  It looks to me as
the only way to get any room is to remove the inner door shell and lift it
out so you can get at all the wires.  Btw, one of them is cut in the
accordion area, the other is inside the door a slight bit.

Any tips on how I would do this?  it seems a bit tricky, at best.
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