[V8] V8Q Cruise Control Rod Bushing

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 7 17:27:07 PST 2009

While doing the OXS yesterday The firkin terminal that the OXS connector
connects to broke ... !@#$%& ... I took apart the back of the engine on that
side ... and found out why my cruise control had stopped working ... the rod
was lying on top of the bellhousing.  This car has had the CC recall done!
Perhaps something changed over time, but I thought I'd pass the word around
as a warning.  It is fairly easy to check the rod by reaching under the
distributor on the upper cylinder bank.  

So far every piece I remember seeing which connects the CC rod to the vacuum
motor has been made of some sort of plastic.  I think I am going to try to
find some sort of metal bobbin to replace it.  Has anyone here had similar
thoughts?  Any suggestions for a metal piece that would provide the same
functionality?  Push came to shove I'm thinking a short length of outer
threaded spacer rod with nuts threaded on each side used to fasten the
assembly to the vacuum motor ...

Steve Buchholz

On the OXS wire ... I tried to solder the two wires but found I couldn't tin
the wire on the OXS ... so I used a crimp for now.  My plan is to pull a
connector assembly from a car that uses a similar assembly ... believe it or
not I still have a "universal" OXS sold by TPC ... it isn't the same as the
old universal kits that have the terminals, it was a fitment for some other
car.  I'm going to use it to find what car to pull the harness from.  The
exhaust is definitely clean now ... 

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