[V8] 200 20Valve Avant: to what lengths?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 10 04:18:45 PST 2009

Well, actually, I was sort of wondering if I could picque anyone's interest.

Then I could have it both ways:  I could go and satisfy my own curiosity all
the while, saving one of these automobiles from merely being scrapped.  The
20Valve Avant should thunder on into eternity!


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I wonder if anyone else on the list might be interested if Roger's
not.................. ;-)


And yes, they are interference engines. Usually it's an electrical or fuel
problem that parks one of these cars.

>I don't seem to remember if these are impact motors, so if the timing belt
>breaks I don't know if that is fini for the motor, but there ARE other
>motors.  Yes, the underpinnings are made of good old German rubber and
>sooner or later it is pretty expensive to replace all the little rubber
>gizzied in the suspension, front and rear.
>But it isn't rocket science.  Almost all of the parts are still readily
>available except for a couple of small hoses in the engine compartment that
>need to be custom fitted now, I guess.
>I wonder if they would take a couple of hundred bucks for it to be hauled
>I wonder if it is salvageable?
>I wonder if it is worth a trip to Morrill to check?
>I wonder if my wife would shoot me if I even mentioned it?
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