[V8] bent valves and a broken timing belt :(

Curtis Helton fatboy03 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 16:58:47 PST 2009

Not sure what happened. I'm thinking the tensioner gave away since the TB
was done 20k miles ago...A buddy just left, he checked it out with one of
those fancy scopes.Pulled the first plug, it looked fine, got to the second
plug and the piston was all the way down,valve was bent.

The car is my sons, it has 132,000 original miles. The body's perfect,sport
black leather seats. Heated front & back. Really nice interior. New rebuilt
bose system, newer UFO's on the fronts. New brakes & rotors on the back. New
tires, tint, Viper alarm,remote start.New PS pump, rebuilt rack,bomb blah
blah blah. The guy I bought it from bought it new.

What I'm getting at is should I rebuild the top half, or look for a used
motor?   What in your guys opinion would you do.
I don't want to stick ALOT of money in it. My buddy will do all the work on
it cheap. He's a VW/AUDI tech that knows his shit.

I would like to get it fixed for him. He loves it and it's pretty safe for a
19 year old boy.


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