[V8] [v8] XENON - Zenon Lights, Any Ideas for Retrofits

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Wed Nov 11 17:30:50 PST 2009

Hi All...

I have a few ideas here .. Most would be cautionary about installing Xenon 

It is illegal:

1.) To install them in any non DOT Approved Xenon headlight reflector (even 
2.) To install them in a car that was not shipped from the factor with the 
correct VIN code
3.) To upgrade an OEM Xenon equipped cars without auto head light levelers.

Your state may catch them if installed and reject your car for inspection.
You may get a fine from the local law enforcement - some are cracking down 
due to many complaints of people being blinded - by the too bright kit 

DOT has been shutting down Internet sites that sell the kits. (I guess not 
to well.)

Read through all of Dan Stern's very good pages - He is considered one of 
foremost automotive lighting experts ...


He also has a site where yo can by the better bulbs directly:


He also sells relay kits .. Somewhere on his site..

The "Silverstars" that are sold at the local FLAPS are among the worst 
rated in
terms of actual lumens and some of the shortest lived in terms of runtimes.

The Osram Silverstars (Not Sylvania's) are much preferable ...

Amazon could also be another good place to check 


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