[V8] bent valves and a broken timing belt :(

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Nov 11 20:28:38 PST 2009

Hey Curtis,,There's a pretty shiny looking engine on ebay for $1300  
with supposedly less than 120K.....Sorry for your loss....Was your VW/ 
Audi tech friend the one who did the belt?, and was everything under  
the covers replaced at that time?  If you paid someone to do the  
belt, let's hope they did everything.  On my Lago car, the Dealer @  
52K did the "cam belt/2rollers/1tensioner" just prior to me getting  
the car, and the bill was painful(water pump $258,etc).  No mention  
of oil pump bearing/seal/ Crank seal,etc...A tech friend said they'd  
do that every other change...Did the oil pump pulley bearing seize? 
(if it's like mine and hadn't been replaced the second time..I'm just  
curious as my Lago car is going on 2 years waiting for me to have the  
time/money to do it's timing belt, and I'd love to know WHY your's  
failed prematurely.  The car sounds totally worthy and if you find a  
reasonable motor, then you've got $500 worth of spare parts.  Good  
luck and keep us posted...Sincerely Tom

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