[V8] Zenon Lights, Any Ideas for Retrofits?

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Nov 11 22:20:19 PST 2009

And on the subject of "way too bright headlights", my truck came with  
an "Auto Dimming Rearview mirror" which is great at night.(think Auto  
sunglasses)...except about 4 months ago,when some person in a  
"performance enhanced" honda came up behind me, and light up a 1/4  
mile......looked like he had 2 sets of Hi beams on(didn't)....He was  
doing the speed limit and slightly ahead of me.  State trooper going  
north, does a u-turn, races back up, and pulls over mr."way too  
bright headlight"....We all need to see at night, but blinding people  
is wrong(even with the Auto Dimming mirror), and apparently a reason  
to get pulled over...Tom

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