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Well, I didn't plan it this way, but my daughter called from Virginia
yesterday and said that a neighbor near her house in Morrill had told her
that he had seen lights inside.  So, I went over since my daughter and I had
been in the house on Sunday and were sure that there could have been no
lights on.  Lights on could mean that someone was inside and that could be
very, very bad.  Off I went leaving here around three for the one hour


Once there, I found....nothing.  The house was closed up and there was no
sign that anyone had been inside either the barn or the house.  In order for
anyone to get in, they would have had to break something unless they used an
electric garage door opener, and even then, access to the house would have
required a door to be broken down since all access is protected by deadbolt.


Naturally since I was already THERE, I stopped in the yard where the 20Valve
Avant is resting in the back.  It was getting toward dusk, and I spoke with
the man of the house.  The car is his wife's and she has been trying to sell
it over the past year. She put it on Craig's list (wrong move), and some
months ago, pulled it off.  She has bought a Honda shitbox or some sort.


Here's the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:


The Good:


*         1991 Audi 20V Avant:  Glacier Blue (silver blue) with Black
comfort interior. Interior appears to be in very good to very, very good
condition.  I couldn't see the floor in the cargo area because there are
studded snow tires living there, and I couldn't clearly see all the
headliner.  I do not believe that the headliner is falling anywhere and it
seem remarkably clean inside in general.  Replacement CD player of unknown
make.  Didn't look like a juke box from a cheap New Orleans Whore house,


The Bad:  


*         212,000 miles.  This is not terrible, though.  This could be a two
or three owner car (the guy wasn't sure), but said that his wife had owned
the car since 2001 or so.  From what I could see easily, there appear to be
no dings or dents, hence little city driving and parking.  

*         Typical old age signs of corrosion in places in the rear, with
some paint bubbling.quite minor.

*         Nose is good, but with a few places on the leading edge of the
hood that have corrosion showing from stone bruises.

*         All chrome pieces on the nose are in place, and loose in one place
only that I could see.  Standard headlights, but general condition of the
nose is very, very good considering the mileage.



The Ugly:


*         Opened the hood.  HELLO!  Little brown field mouse was sitting
right on the leading edge blinking at us as though to say, "WTF are you
doing messing with my Audi?" , and there is a mouse nest on the top of the
intake plenum.  Some evidence that the hood pad is being used for nesting
materials.  This is not good.  The battery was disconnected in the rear, and
I did not want to start the engine as I was not going to allow myself to
appear THAT interested.



The guy said that the car ran really well.  The reason that it got put to
pasture was that the brakes were needing replacement and once they looked at
the cost of parts, they decided to move along.  The car was old, needed
expensive brakes that pulsed anyway, and thus the woman has a new.well, what
I said above.  The guy didn't know how much she had been asking for the car,
which I do not believe.  What I think was that he wasn't going to speak for
her, since it was her car.  My guess is that she will be asking more for the
car than anyone will pay for it, but I am only guessing.





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