[V8] FW: 20Valve Avant update: Drei: finis

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Sun Nov 15 08:17:05 PST 2009



And this is the last one of these.  






Would it be worth it?  The best thought that I have is: maybe.  Here are the
plusses for me:


1.    The car is located about 50 miles from me.  The cost of getting it and
getting it here is very, very low.

2.    There is a certain known history to the car.  The people who own it
have owned it for a while.  The bad part of that is that the husband has the
Bentley books and has done a lot of work himself.  If he kept notes and
records then that would help:  I doubt that he has more than his momories.

3.    The car might be really, really cheap.  So for little front end money,
the cost of the car is restoration and can then be done to whatever degree
is necessary for the intended purpose.  What else can you buy for $15 grand?

Nothing like this.


The minuses for me:


1.        From time to time there are better cars than this available.  The
most that I have seen anyone even THINK of asking for one of these cars is
around $7500.  That would be for a car with less than 170,000 miles and
service records intact, although the car would have half a continent or more
distant.   There is one in Colorado right now like this.

2.        For fifteen grand you can buy a very nice A6 Avant with half the
miles or less.  As much as I really like the Type 44 cars, it makes little
sense to buy something like this and pour a lot of money into it.  The
savings on excise tax are simply not enough to justify it.  Not even for a
Twenty Valve.  


So in sum, if it could be bought for a grand or less, this might be a decent
donor car for a V8 five speed conversion, or a general parts car.   But as a
restoration candidate, I am afraid for me its time has passed.  


Anybody else?





































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