[V8] Yikes...it's a total rebuild...

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 15:30:54 PST 2009

Can't help you with the center support, but the subby bushings are basically
like the V8.  You have to remove the subframe, and it helps to have a press,
but I would also check into a balljoint type c-clamp you can rent from

BE VERY CAREFULL when putting the new subframe bushings in.  You have to
press them in a certain way, so take pictures of how the fronts are before
removing them.  As well, press on the center part of the bushing, not the
outter lip.  It may or may not seem coutnerintuitive, but when I did my
first set I used a massive socket on the outside, and destroyed the first

Call Scott at SJMautotechnik and talk with him a bit, or just check up his
writeup availiable here,

As for the control arms front and rear and bushings and ball joints, that
should run you between 300-400 dollars.  No, I'm not on crack, and yes, I do
mean the whole control arms and everything.
Just shop around, keep in mind shipping, and shipping discounts as well.
partgeek does free shipping on orders over $50, and I really recommend
talking to SJM as well, because they can sometimes price match.
Check partsgeek.com, partstrain.com,  Rockauto.com, Stopshopanddrive.com,
Autohausaz.com  and etc.

I think I ordered from a few different places to get the best prices.

Good luck and happy hunting.

**Oh, almost forgot!  When you do the subframe bushings, sometimes the nut
that is inside the frame rails comes un-welded!  This is a terrible thing to
deal with, basically the bolts that go through the subframe bushings can
either spin, or they just won't go back in.

The ONLY solution I know of, and i looked hard for others, is to cut open
the subframe or remove the grommets to get in there and re-weld this nut to
the frame, or replace it with your own.  Its a pain, but I had to do it to
two of them on my V8.

Once again, good luck.

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