[V8] Yikes...it's a total rebuild...

bw at UDel.Edu bw at UDel.Edu
Mon Nov 16 17:36:09 PST 2009

Hi,  I may be able to help you with the driveshaft. Years ago, I purchased an entire 
driveshaft with center support assembly from a car that had "less than 50,000 
miles" on it. I found the driveshaft and the center support was made for the '90, 
'91 V8, but not the '92, '93 V8s that I have. So, it's looking for a car (anyone) that 
needs it, cheap, less than the price of a strut! I have a fondness for the later model.

Does your car have a thump right under the drivers seat when you go over a curb? 
My V8 just started that when I put Bilsteins on it. I also got a set of Goodyear GT II 
v-rated tires that I absolutely hated for 300 miles. But, they forced me to go over 
the suspension and now they are ok. I have learned to drive with them and have 
forgotten my old Michelin Pilot XGTs.   Bob Williams

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