[V8] Radio wiring, could use some help

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 18:20:37 PST 2009

Hey all!

So, I had a question, purely hypothetical of course *(snicker)* but say
someone wired in a terrible old radio and just cut everything for the new
owner of the car and they were redoing this terrible hack job, does anyone
have the colors of the wires and what they do?

I'm redoing my system and wiring the speakers myself, so I won't be using
the stock speaker wiring, which I notice is a different connector for the
rears, and I removed most of the rear speaker stuff.

What I in particular need is Power, Illumination, ignition soucre (was there
one stock?), power antanae lead (which I beat I accidentally cut out with
the stock rear stuff, and will have to wire a new single wire in, great!)

So, if they aren't all there, what would be a good option to cut into?
particularly for the ignition and illumination sources, I could probably go
to the fuse box.

Oh, by the way, wiring it in shouldn't be too tough as there is no seats,
carpet, or much of anything in the car really, at the momeny.  Its like a
big empty box.  Woo.

Oh, also, once again, by the way, i'm running a 4-ch 400w amp out of the
trunk, so I need a remote turn on lead as well.  Never done one before, but
it looks like you make a wire from the radio harness to the amp, and that's
it?  Sounds easy enough.

Ok, Thanks again all!

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