[V8] Sway Bar Bushings on '90 20tq

Brian K. Ullrich bullrich at ullrichsys.com
Mon Nov 16 20:02:11 PST 2009

Tom, I did hit vagcat.com to see what he OEM part numbers were, but ended up
getting mine from partsgeek.com. That was the reason for the question; they
have them for the '89, but not the '90.


Another site had them for the '91, but not the '90.


I usually hit vagcat.com first to see what's up, but most of my local Audi
dealers in DFW no longer carry i5 parts in stock, and I need them tomorrow.
All in all, I got them for 2.29 from partsgeek.com, plus overnight shipping,
which is a steep $24, but still less that if I went to the dealer.

Given that I saved a great deal on the rest of the parts, I could justify
the drop-ship cost.

I'll let you guys know how it all went, and I'll post photos on the build
site, http://200tq.com (if my I phone camera works well enough).

Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm in good hands with MSPerformance. The
guys there really know their business, even with me wrenching on it as well.


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Hey Brian...you can look up Audi part numbers at www.vagcat.com/epc   
(you have to register).  Just curious if you found a source for the  
swaybar bushings other than the dealer?  Last time I got some @ dealer 
(only place I could find them), they were only $7 each(3 years  
ago)...I recently inquired, and they had jacked them up to around  
$30.  Good luck on the project...Tom
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