[V8] Radio wiring, could use some help

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A few angry words later and I got the alpine deck to power on.

Pluging in the pair of white wires raises and lowers the antanae ok and also triggers a relay in the pass side footwell.  (probably for the ant.?)  

looks like the grey-blk wire may be for interior light but the radio doesn't seem to dim right.  Only two buttons even change color.   Looks like when lights go on/off it registers by dimming slightly, but with lights on it doesn't work with the dimmer switch in the IC.  

that should be 90% of what I need right there.

Had issues because the radio uses an ignition 12v source as a kill switch so I wired it to the red-blu wire for testin reasons.  Long way to go, though.

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The factory is as follows:

Red/Blue-Constant power from fuse 4 - also power for the amps
Gry/Blk-Interior lights system

There is no ignition power, as the radio is feed constant. There should be 
power from either the Brn/Gry or the white wire for the antennae, the 
schematic that I have is not 100% clear.

If you are using an aftermarket deck, the power antenna wire will be blue 
off it. Does your car have a power antenna? From the factory they use an 
antennae in the front window and one in the rear. They combine in the back 
of the stock stereo.


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> Hey all!
> So, I had a question, purely hypothetical of course *(snicker)* but say
> someone wired in a terrible old radio and just cut everything for the new
> owner of the car and they were redoing this terrible hack job, does anyone
> have the colors of the wires and what they do?
> I'm redoing my system and wiring the speakers myself, so I won't be using
> the stock speaker wiring, which I notice is a different connector for the
> rears, and I removed most of the rear speaker stuff.
> What I in particular need is Power, Illumination, ignition soucre (was 
> there
> one stock?), power antanae lead (which I beat I accidentally cut out with
> the stock rear stuff, and will have to wire a new single wire in, great!)
> So, if they aren't all there, what would be a good option to cut into?
> particularly for the ignition and illumination sources, I could probably 
> go
> to the fuse box.
> Oh, by the way, wiring it in shouldn't be too tough as there is no seats,
> carpet, or much of anything in the car really, at the momeny.  Its like a
> big empty box.  Woo.
> Oh, also, once again, by the way, i'm running a 4-ch 400w amp out of the
> trunk, so I need a remote turn on lead as well.  Never done one before, 
> but
> it looks like you make a wire from the radio harness to the amp, and 
> that's
> it?  Sounds easy enough.
> Ok, Thanks again all!
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