[V8] Custom shift boots/brake boots, 5-speeders should read.

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 01:28:33 PST 2009

Hey, I don't know who on here would be even interested, but there is a great
company out there called Redlineproducts that makes one-off shift boots,
e-brake boots, and about a dozen other things out there for a lot of makes.
Of course, the V8 isn't on there, go figure.  Now, surprisingly, this
company does have a great offer, to anyone who is willing to take the time
to help them prototype a unit, they offer the unit to that person for free.

Here is the link to all the audi models they do have a blueprint for.

So, if anyone is interested, I'd take a look.  Their leather is pretty good,
and they do an amazing job of matching the red stitched interior of the
Mazda-speed I've got.  I really like the stuff.  Anyway, if any of you want
to give their offer a try, I'd be interested to see what happens.  They may
not realize the V8 only came with something like 100 manuals in the US.  But
that might be ok with them, as well.

Ok, happy motoring all.

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