[V8] All the Best Cars have been built. #2

Andy Schor walbum1 at verizon.net
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In addition to the '91 TQA, I have a '91 Volvo 740 wagon with a 5.0 V8 AOD, 
in-house Converse swap.  It's a great car, a real sleeper, but I doubt that 
Roger would like it.  It has big IPD sway bars, Bilstein HDs and a few other 
mods.  A better choice for him might be the '89 Volvo 780 Bertone with built 
5.0 (~300hp), W/C T-5 5 speed, etc. that I sold to my brother (with 1st dibs 
to buy it back).  This car with it's gorgeous Italian leather interior and 
IRS (the 240/740 wagons have a solid rear axle) is more of a grand 
touring/muscle car a'la 928 or DeTomaso Longchamp...or a Swedish-Italian 
Mustang.  Come to think of it, Roger probably wouldn't really like that one 
either.  I have seen Roger's current ride (before he bought it), it's 
beautiful. I'd suggest a mint late 960 wagon which is a much nicer car, with 
a crate 5.0 swap.  PLN and Letterman (and the pres of Exxon at the time) 
each had a supercharged crate 5.0 put into a *brand new* 960 wagon.  One of 
the three was sold last year for somewhere between $10-15K, I think.

I must say that my Lehmann chipped Audi is an easier car to drive quickly. 
The V8 Volvos are a blast to drive, "there's no replacement for 
displacement".  OTOH they run out of traction before they run out of power. 
The Audi has plenty of both.

My brother and I have also both previously owned a '91 Audi urV8 5 speed 
(the same car) with Stebro exhaust and chipped, as well as a couple of 
4000Qs.  I have had a '90 CQ and an '89 200TQA too.

Thanks for responding to the A4 CC HU post.  My friend has decided to try a 
used ebay unit.  We'll see how that works out and report back to the list.

That is one sweet V70R.

The "Volvette" is owned by a guy named 'Dug' who lives near Carlisle.  He's 
got a twin-turbo LS1 in that Brick!  There are a few videos of it on you 

Andy Schor

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> diemarthadie at aol.com wrote:
>> I hereby nominate the Volvo 240 DL Wagon.
> With a Ford V8 transplanted into it.
> <http://www.converse-engineering.com/index.html>
> And for Roger, they're in Maine.  :)

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