[V8] HID problem...

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Thu Nov 19 16:09:18 PST 2009

I would not cut anything either. 

If you must have these the better kits 
ship with CAN-Bus friendly ballasts..


From: J B <jb51007 at hotmail.com> writes:

 Hello there from Toronto Can. I have successfully upgraded the european 
headlamps with an HID kit AMAZING DIFFERENCE ! The only problem is it 
triggered the "headlamp bulb" icon in the auto check circuit. Would the problem be 
solve as suggested by the old S4 site that showed hot to disable the circuit 
in the relay by cutting thru the solder track? or is there a simpler way? 
Also I could ... match the resistance into the low beam harness but have no 
idea what values trigger or keep the circuit happy (lol). Suggestions and 
ideas welcome jb51007 at hotmail.com or 416 300 3721 MUCH thx too                   

<kentmclean at comcast.net> writes:

I wouldn't cut the trace, in case you want to undo it.  I believe you can 
put a short jumper wire in place of the relay, disabling the warning.


Or move the pickup points so the warning still works:

That's all I "know".
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Subject: Re: [V8] HID problem

I also wrote this one waaay back in '97 for the V8:


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