[V8] Climate control swap/changeout

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 19 16:23:52 PST 2009

It's not a dual zone system, just a dual display system. The screen onthe 
right displays the fan info, while the left is temp info.

Yes, you can swap them. You have to use teh complete main wiring harness, 
IMHO not worth the effort. But, to answer the question, quite doable.

If you want pics of the dash out of the car and where the harness sits after 
that, I can send them to you.


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Subject: [V8] Climate control swap/changeout

> Does anyone know if its possible to ditch the 90/91 gm climate control 
> stuff
> for the later 92-94 stuff?  Like, the dual zone climate control that looks 
> a
> lot nicer, and less cheasy/tacky, and likely breaks less.
> Ok, maybe it doesn't break less (its an audi..) but it looks less tacky!
> I'd be interested, since I've nothing better to do till my car is put
> together again!

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