[V8] Where are those center caps?

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Fri Nov 20 00:20:23 PST 2009

Well, I just threw the snow tires on the 5-speed.  I used the  
Michelin x-ice's(love them) that were on the spare mint stock "aero"  
rims from the Lago car.  Before I had more than one V8, I just  
switched them and moved the center cap twice a year.  The 5-speed  
came with the BBS, and I sold the Pearl car with the weathered BBS  
rims...I did possess a set of center caps for the aero's, but believe  
the "ex" has them in a box somewhere(or threw them away).  So I've  
been looking around, and those center caps are hard to find....I did  
find some site called "centercap.com" or something like that that  
wanted $19.95 for a yearly membership......Just checking if anyone's  
got a spare set of 4(doubtful), but worth asking.  I stole them off  
the Lago car, but eventually when it's back on the road, would like  
the caps.....Hope all's well...Tom

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