[V8] Fw: More of Roger's Ten Best....

Les Dane lesdane at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 22 11:15:46 PST 2009

I submit my 1952 Jaguar Mark VII sedan that I bought in '62.  In 1952, it 
had 12-volt ignition, the Jaguar twin overhead cam engine (the tach was run 
off one of the camshafts), two-speed electric wipers, 4-speed floorshift, 
torsion bar suspension, leather and wood interior (African sandalwood), 
bright Lucas lamps, sunroof, 17-inch wheels, and could do 80 mph in third 
gear without hitting the red line, at which point I could drop it into 
fourth.  It ran beautifully and reliably with one exception: the bolts 
holding the starter would loosen, causing it to chip the ring gear so they 
needed to be tightened periodically.  If not, Jaguar provided a manual crank 
to turn the flywheel.

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