[V8] Radio wiring, could use some help

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Mon Nov 23 03:29:59 PST 2009

Thanks, that sounds useful. I'll try it. :)

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>Aihe: Re: [V8] Radio wiring, could use some help
>If you use the terminal for the key in lock warning you get +12 
>turning the lock.  In fact you can use another key in the lock and it 
>activate the switch.
>Steve Buchholz
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>Ok, i don't know what you mean by tumbler, but i meant to ask if the 
>ignition lock does give voltage anywhere in the first key turn 
>position, before "run". Because sometimes you want to listen to 
>when car is not running, but you really wouldn't wanna go to "run" 
>position since then blower goes on, etc..
>But, in my case i don't want to wire radio "ign" lead to a constant 
>+12v, since then the radio won't shut off when car shuts down. And 
>feature i need since i shut car off many times in a day when im 
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