[V8] Roger's Ten Best Cars List #1

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Mon Nov 23 18:41:57 PST 2009

Happy T-day to all ...

Might be a long winter here in the Northeast.

And what could be better than having long-threaded 
discourses on one's personal, 10 Best Car wish list
to go along with it..?

I'm confident Rogers' beloved 928 will soon appear on his list.

After all, it was a model that was on the top of almost every R&D
budget for several years. For new car engineers, to take apart and 
analyze when the were designing a new car from, what they liked 
to call, a clean sheet.

It was one of the interesting details, I thought anyway, that I had
come across while researching these models, before buying one, 
a long while back. Along with it having torsional rigidity numbers
that made Corvette engineers, green with envy!
The Freightliner (MB) van variants are a favorite among fleet owners
and managers to be sure.  They are far more versatile and have a 
lower TCO than the usual V8 Chevy/Ford/Dodge models sold here. 
Clearly not suitable for hitching a plow to though.

One of the criteria mentioned for his car/truck inclusion was that it 
be German. Which had me considering, what might be the ultimate 
German Quattro of all, for inclusion onto Roger's list, if not his barn 
a day soon.  This is a real truck, no VW Combi here!  It's cab-over, 
almost any body that can be conceived, has been offered, including 
long-beds and PTO's . 

And has the kind of built in girth, to move mountains of snow, or 
climb them if need be and maybe even make, a big moose weak
kneed and taking flight at the sight of one heading its' way!

There is good club, forum and part support for these as well.
And there some great pics and even some for-sale here: 


I sort of favor the 406 model Mog.

Also it is a little hard to imagine a best, or top ten car list
without the original Mini included .. Produced from 1959
right up until 1999 when BMW bought Rover and came 
out with their great version of the car.

It had very innovative, size, packaging, suspension and
drive-train layout that revolutionized car design, markets
and even shaped cities.


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