[V8] Roger's Ten Best Car List

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 23 20:16:33 PST 2009

My sister has a 91 4-cyl, she paid $300 for two years ago. I've done a timing belt, the dizzy, and a wheel bearing. Othe r than that, tires and brakes are all its' required. 

My wife has an 05 4-cyl. Roger, you are right. It's not really better. In fact, other than the 5-speed auto vs the 4-speed auto in the older one, I really like the 91 a ton better. Although, a 5-speed man would make it just about perfect, IMHO. However, I won't own one either. Interestingly, Cristine (my sis) used to own a 1987 4000 Quattro. 

Oh, and I was hoping to see the Rabbit/Jetta/Scirocco on your list. I agree 100%. It was the start of something different for VW, and car manufacturers in general. The Audi Fox was actually a bit more technically advanced, and a bit stronger built. However, the Rabbit design (transverse engine/hatchback body) cought on better, and the rest is history.


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>Subject: Re: [V8] Roger's Ten Best Car List
>Now, the cars have gotten much heavier, more powerful, more luxurious and
>sophisticated, but no better in my opinion. 
>Would I buy one?  Absolutely not.  But as a fine car of great value, this is
>one of the best.  Note not a V6:  more than four cylinders serve no purpose
>in this car.  Again, my opinion.

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