[V8] Bose Trouble

Brian K. Ullrich bullrich at ullrichsys.com
Tue Nov 24 11:06:09 PST 2009

OK.so I have the new radio in and coded. Dash display works, and now the
radio is working just as it did when I got the car: low, highly distorted
volume only only when he volume knob is turned all the way up. Nasty squeal
coming from right front door speaker. Nothing from left front. And it's
blowing fuses left and right.


It seems to me like I've got a short in the Bose somewhere because the
entire speaker system seems affected. The head unit appears to be working
correctly; locking onto stations, presets are working, and center dash
display is working.







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the Bose speakers were built with Capacitors of a low quality , after a
while that start to make the speakers pop and squeal . I've replaced the
Caps in all my speakers a couple of years ago. It very inexpensive to do and
takes about an hour per speaker. If you would like the " how to "  I can dig
it up for you. You can buy speaker replacement cards for about 80.00 /
speaker. superdave 
> From: bullrich at ullrichsys.com
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> Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 11:52:59 -0600
> Subject: [V8] Bose Trouble
> Anyone got any experience working with these Bose speakers? Here's my
> problem:
> When I first bought the car and turned on the radio, I got very low and
> intermittent volume coupled with a squeal. I could hear it from all the
> speakers seemingly. I figured the head unit was bad because it seemed to
> attenuated by the volume knob. I assumed I had a bad head unit and
> another that arrived last night. When I plugged it in, I got a
> squeal coming from my right door speaker that seems to increase in
> range (low squeal going higher in defined "steps"). There is no other
> in any other speaker. Thoughts?
> Brian
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