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Tue Nov 24 14:38:07 PST 2009

Hi Roger,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone..

Good to see you gave the 928 its' due on your list.

As Porsche reminds us: "There is no substitute".

I understand you being somewhat reluctant at first
considering, the potential for problems, in the  
automatic version. 

That would be a good reason to choose the 5 Speed.

Other reasons in my opinion are; brilliant gear ratios, 
car control (good to have in a heavy GT), resale value,
and what has to be, the easiest clutch to change made.

Additionally I would choose the latest and fastest GTS 
model, as the most likely, to be collectable as well..

I really like the looks of the 8 Series BMWs also and
find their mission in life align with how I use cars most.

My observations looking over several used examples is 
they don't seem to hold up to the ravages of use and time, 
as do the 5 Series of similar vintage. An experienced German 
car mechanic, I mentioned an interest in this model to once
had three words for me "Don't do it!" or was it "Just say no"?

Must say, you bringing up the vintage Lotus Elan brought
back some fond memories, of it being on my favorite list
of cars, at one time .. You know, blistering down a 2 lane
carriage-way with an Emma Peel look-a-like at your side.
Sometimes I think cars are really just about the girls.. But
I guess this is way off topic! ;-) I do think the better handling
vintage Lotus, was the mid engined Europa, especially the
JPS version, with the big valve twin-cam. These dreams, 
quickly fade when I recall, that in almost every instance I
have seen one of these on the road recently .. It was on 
the side with its' bonnet in the air!

Did I tell you, I recently came across an all black 928 GT 
automatic with records, for all of its' 18,000 miles …


11/24/09 2:18:43 PM EST Roger writes:

OK.  So now I have vented about the BMW 850/840 cars.  In the end, on my
list will be the Porsche 928S4 Automatic from 1987-91.  I will omit the 928
GT (1989-91) and stick with the S4.  The cars were better as long distance
touring cars and with this much power and torque in my opinion, there exited
no reason to use a manual transmission. What makes these cars so remarkable
is that the design work for this car was begun in the early 1970's.  To be
able to produce a car with this kind of handling and performance without
modern computers is an accomplishment that exceeds the leading edge 
CAD process that BMW used for the 850.  

I haven't driven a BMW 850.  I would like to and sometime will make a 
point of it.  It is entirely possible that it is one of the best cars ever 
in my lifetime.  But for now, I KNOW that the 928 is the best Porsche ever
built, and the best Porsche is good enough to be included on my list.



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