[V8] Subaru question. AUDI content!

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Tue Nov 24 14:58:16 PST 2009

160K is a pretty good score for an automatic.  I think it is time to
accept that even a scuberdoo will wear out and need to visit the
transmission shop.  Your symptoms sound like a worn out transmission.

I should be an expert on this now - I just had to rebuild my Explorer
transmission last week.  It also went 165K.  The bummer for me was that
the guts of the transmission were actually in pretty good shape - it
shifted fine unless you wanted reverse.  Apparently the weak link is the
cast iron reverse band eventually cracks from metal fatigue. If I didn't
need to occasionally back up,  I guess I could have just ignored it...
Anyway, nothing that $2K won't fix.


> As an Audi V8 owner, I have no warm fuzzies for Subarus.  (That is my Audi
> content!).
> My daughter in Virginia has a 1999 Subaru Outback with 160K or more on the
> clock.  For the past year she has been experiencing some transmission
> slipping when put into drive.  This slipping happens only when the car is
> warm and after having been driven first thing in the morning. When she
> first
> starts the car in the morning all is well, but after stopping and
> restarting, as in running errands and the like, the transmission seems to
> "hunt" as though it is trying to grasp the gears.  Once engaged, the car
> runs fine with no slipping under power at all.
> She  checked the fluid last night and found it a bit low so added Dexron
> and brought it up to full, with relatively little change.  It may be too
> soon to know if that did make much difference, but when she dropped my
> granddaughter off at the bus stop, she kept the car in gear and her foot
> on
> the brake.  It then had trouble starting off at first.
> I wonder if this might be a corrosion issue between the transmission
> controller and the transmission itself, or if the clutches in the auto box
> are dying?
> Anyone have any experience with these cars?
> Roger
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