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95 Legacy experience: had to have the heads pulled to do a valve job in 
my sister-in-laws with 60k on the freaking motor.  Always changed at 4k 
miles or less, and with synth from new.  That transmission would 
sometimes hunt as you describe as well.

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As an Audi V8 owner, I have no warm fuzzies for Subarus.  (That is my 

My daughter in Virginia has a 1999 Subaru Outback with 160K or more on 
clock.  For the past year she has been experiencing some transmission
slipping when put into drive.  This slipping happens only when the car 
warm and after having been driven first thing in the morning. When she 
starts the car in the morning all is well, but after stopping and
restarting, as in running errands and the like, the transmission seems 
"hunt" as though it is trying to grasp the gears.  Once engaged, the car
runs fine with no slipping under power at all.

She  checked the fluid last night and found it a bit low so added 
Dexron III
and brought it up to full, with relatively little change.  It may be too
soon to know if that did make much difference, but when she dropped my
granddaughter off at the bus stop, she kept the car in gear and her 
foot on
the brake.  It then had trouble starting off at first.

I wonder if this might be a corrosion issue between the transmission
controller and the transmission itself, or if the clutches in the auto 
are dying?

Anyone have any experience with these cars?


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