[V8] Subaru question. AUDI content!

Bastian Preindl bastian at preindl.net
Wed Nov 25 05:18:42 PST 2009

Dear Bob,

I'd suggest to clean the throttle walve sensor connectors in the front. 
Often they corrode and cause strange behaviors regarding acceleration.
Additionally I'd suggest you to readout your ECU fault memory for the 
automatic transmission. I'm pretty convinced that you'll find 
information about sporadic or permant defective anti block system 
sensors as one or more of them are whether dirty and/or not in the right 
position or broken (or their cabling is defect). This may cause the ECU 
to assume that one or more of your tires slip and in order lock the 


bblake1055 at aol.com schrieb:
> I've got a 1990 Outback with 192,000 and shifts fine until you get into overdrive and then it downshifts back to third as if you kicked down on the gas, even though you haven't given it anymore gas.
> The biggest problem I have with it is every so often the all wheel drive system locks when you're turning into a parking spot and it feels like a 4x4 truck with the differential locked.  It feels like the tranny is about to fall out.
> P.S The all wheel drive system is no match for the V8
> Bob Blake
> 91 V8
> 92 V8
> 93 V8
> 93 V8 5spd

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