[V8] 5-speed parts

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Sun Nov 29 23:58:06 PST 2009

Hey, well since I bought the 5-speed, it's needed only the usual  
stuff and will once again give a "plug" for new plug  
wires.....anyway, I'm still getting a vibration(minor) that one  
might  attribute to pinion bearings in the tranny.....wondering if  
anyone's got the complete tranny part #'s, as I have a friend   
currently in Germany that could source out the parts/still don't have  
a good diagram of the tranny/etc.....Not even sure if the pinion  
bearings(other name?) can be replaced" in the car", or if anyone's  
had a minor vibration on acceleration that was something other.   
Sound's like the sound the Saab made when the pinion bearings went  

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