[V8] Dash Pad Removal for Ignition Switch Replacement

bw at UDel.Edu bw at UDel.Edu
Thu Oct 1 15:15:13 PDT 2009

There are at least two good detailed guides for removing the dash pad archived. 
Slide out dash should read slide UP and out. A wedge shaped pop-in fastener 
on the inside of the dash needs to be lifted up, like a box lid, and out of its 
spring metal holder to clear the metal dash frame before pulling out toward the 
seats and out the passenger door. 
-Now, you can see the top of the electrical ignition switch. There is red sealing 
wax over the two small flat head set screws that hold the two horizontal fins of 
the switch, v-grooves are up. Use a pointed knife to remove the wax 
 Unscrew the set screws to a height just above the aluminum frame, but do not 
back them out beyond 1/16" so they stay in the frame. One screw can be 
accessed thru a 1/2" hole in the metal dash frame. This would be easier w/o the 
windshield, but there is just enough room to wedge your head in to view the 
operation if you are kneeling on a protected passenger seat. 
Remove the knee cover in the drivers footwell. There is an 8mm headed bolt 
above the gas pedal that is hard to see while removing the obvious bolts. Now, 
you can reach up under the dash and slide the electrical switch off the 
mechanical switch. Remove the electrical junction scocket from the switch and 
replace that troubled one, that will never be of any use again, with a new one. If 
Audi had made the set screws face downward this whole operation could take 
place from this position in the footwell looking up. 
 I found it easier to slide the switch in and then plug in the electrical junction. 
After allen head bolts everywhere, why not here as set screws where you need 
them because of the difficult access? 
 It all goes back together. Next time, I will get a 7 or 30 day pill holder and 
label the bolts! No real need to remove the glove box since it only covers two of 
four bolts that hold the brackets for the air bag. Dropping the top cover of the 
glove box including the two phillips head screws at the hinge gives full access. 
The two 13mm headed bolts there will let you take off the glove box door. I 
need to find out why the latch doesn't spring to reset itself. 

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