[V8] 93 Toronado Red V8 from E-Bay

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Mon Oct 12 10:11:06 PDT 2009

Jeff K. wrote:
> Well just had the V8 dropped of by the shipping co. ...
> OK, now the whole point of the car being so cheap, the tranny. When you put 
> it in gear it just whines, does'nt engage at all. I can hear it spinning but thats it. 
> Before I deem the tranny mechanically bad what things should I try first? 

I'm no expert, but I've heard that dropping the transmission pan,
cleaning/replacing the filter, and refilling to replace whatever
fluid was lost might bring it back. Run it for a few hundred / 1K
miles, then drain the 4 qts you can drain from the transmission,
replace them, and repeat that again in 1-5K miles.  At that point,
you'll have "flushed" 12 qts of transmission oil.

That's assuming that cleaning the filter brings it back.  And it
may be electrical. :)

Kent McLean
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