[V8] 93 Toronado Red V8 from E-Bay

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Doesn't sound electrical from the little experience I've got with the trannies electrical quirks...

However, on that note Kent brings up a great point,  you should pull trans codes.   Go to SJMautotechnik and use his writeup for pulling codes.

The trans codes come AFTER the engine codes here, so make sure you don't confuse the two!

You can always cross your fingers and hope its sometging simple lik even improper engagement, but my moneys on ruined clutch packs/ gear.

Did you maybe try manual mode and 2nd gear?  

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Jeff K. wrote:
> Well just had the V8 dropped of by the shipping co. ...
> OK, now the whole point of the car being so cheap, the tranny. When you put 
> it in gear it just whines, does'nt engage at all. I can hear it spinning but thats it. 
> Before I deem the tranny mechanically bad what things should I try first? 

I'm no expert, but I've heard that dropping the transmission pan,
cleaning/replacing the filter, and refilling to replace whatever
fluid was lost might bring it back. Run it for a few hundred / 1K
miles, then drain the 4 qts you can drain from the transmission,
replace them, and repeat that again in 1-5K miles.  At that point,
you'll have "flushed" 12 qts of transmission oil.

That's assuming that cleaning the filter brings it back.  And it
may be electrical. :)

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