[V8] Hey listers, Rear subframe bushing question

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 16:27:04 PDT 2009

Hey all,

    Quick question to see if anyone knows the guy who made the Delrin rear
subframe bushing inserts, and how to contact him.
I believe this is the same guy who supplied Ron Wainright with his rear
subframe bushings.  Anyway, I'm interested in at least speaking with the guy
to see if he has dimensions, and possibly picking up a set of his instead of
making my own.

Currently, I've got a rear sub-assy. from a 92 S4 and am making some parts
to get her to fit.
I was going to spin the bushings out of delirin, make some steel sleeves out
of stainless pipe stock, and add washers out of steel disks using a drill
press.   Its all working out very nice since I can get the delrin here

with the proper I.D. already machined for the sleeve, so all I have to do is
sleeve it, put it in a lathe, and cut out the center area, and make the
small round at the top, which is causing me most of my headaches.

Anyway, I'm having some fun desiging these, talking with some very old
mechanics/machinists, and learning the fine points of desiging bushings in
this sort of envinroment.

But, if anyone can get ahold of the guy, it would help me out!  I can't find
the post anymore.


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