[V8] Looking for advice

Roy Hall rshall2005 at verizon.net
Mon Oct 19 11:08:39 PDT 2009

	I have a '91 V-8 that has finally gotten the best of me.  It needs  
work - my son has been driving it - brakes, timing belt is due,
"bomb" is shot,  torn seat, some scratches and dents in the car, and  
headliner giving out, some switches and an erratic dash - all the  
normal things that happen to these wonderful rides when left to their  
own devices.
	I am ready to give up the battle to keep the car on the road - I  
know I will regret it but time and money can be better spent elsewhere.
	What should I do - sell the car - parts the car - anyone need the car?
	I have lurked here for a few years now and kept this beast  
performing well thanks to all the info on this list and will listen  
to any thoughts.

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